K-12 Education

Our K-12 education component partners with formal and informal educators to develop and present material relating to DCDC research and products. We have worked with the University of Arizona’s extensive water-education programs (Project WET, Cooperative Extension, Water Sustainability program) to deliver Advanced Water Education Workshops on a variety of topics (Elser and Schwartz 2007). In DCDC II, we continue to offer these popular, two-day summer workshops.

We have also shared DCDC research and products by delivering learning modules directly to students. These projects included teaching materials for WaterSim on the Web and an urban heat island module created in collaboration with an engineering education program and funded by an NSF-ITEST grant. We anticipate creating more learning modules associated with WaterSim in DCDC II.

Additionally, graduate fellows associated with the NSF-funded GK-12 Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools grant continue to use DCDC research in creating classroom lessons.